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Bullet Proof Security WordPress Plugin Review

Sometime we all forget things…some more important than others…

But when it comes to your websites, you know! the ones that make you money!!! we all sometimes forget to back them up regularly…and then one day, all of a sudden…BAM…you get hit by some asshat hacker who has nothing better to do than screw up your website and ruin your day, or a few of them before you get everything back up and running correctly…

Start backing up your files and database folks…I made a short video showing you I backup my sites and how to setup another cool security wordpress plugin that I am now using…they both are FREE…


My Review – Real Outsourcing Domination

This is my personal experiences with

There are some killer gigs you can buy for 5 bucks at Fiverr.


If Outsourcing is your thing then check out a few
of my featured products…

 The Fiverr RevolutionThe Fiverr Revolution

Fiverr ExplosionFiverr Explosion

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